Today as I was driving my Smartypants to school, we were reminiscing about a comedy skit we had heard while we were cruising along a back country road. You know the one where it looks like the road was thought up after all the good land was claimed. Sharp right turn, immediate sharp left turn. It was early morning, we had to get to band.

It really is a huge inconvenience to drive him into the school, but it was that or force him to get on the bus at nearly 2 hours before practice starts. Not cool. Not worth it. It leaves me with about 8 minutes at home before the rest of them get on the bus. It makes for a crazy morning! I don’t tell him this, I want him to go to band. Have his own thing to do. I can sacrifice a chunk of our morning time to get him there. That’s my job. I enjoy this rare time alone with him. He is almost 12 now, and I am very proud of the young man he is growing into. We have conversations I never thought I would have with my child. There is still a little bit of little boy in there, but we do have good conversation. I like it.

We talk about offroading with our van, I just laugh and tell him I tried that once and it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.(it actually was an accident and not funny at all, but I wanted to keep the mood light. ;)) We laugh. It’s kind of hard some topics because I know they come from his father, but I try anyways. It is a good start to the morning. Now, folks, I have to scoot off to work!

(in the voice of John Madden) You make a right turn here. You make a right turn here. Make a right turn here. And and and that’s what that’s all about.

Frank Caliendo

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