a rainbow menagerie of playful dough



A tot inspired/created package. You will receive six 3 colorful ounce containers of natural play dough. One for each color of the rainbow! colors are as seen here. Scented by the soft drink packets used to color the dough it smells like cherry/fruit punch(red), orange, lemonade(yellow), lime(green), blue raspberry(blue), grape(purple).
It’s pliable & stays soft. You’ll receive the item in its resealable container that screws on. The more your child plays with the dough the softer it will be. Safe to be consumed, but admittedly doesn’t taste very good. 🙂 Your little one won’t enjoy eating very much of it. Won’t stain hands, clothes, or surfaces.

For kids. By kids! (and their mom) 😉 You’re items may not have this particular label. I only had a few left!
Thanks for looking!


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