playing catch up

I wanted to post quickly to just let you know I’m still here. Classes ending, work being, well w o r k, and catching up from vacation has taken it’s toll! I am now class free for the summer and feeling some what caught up. I want to share a few moments from vacation that we loved.

The lobby of our resort. It was breath-taking! All of the rough drafts of our favorite Disney characters larger than life. Couldn’t take our eyes off of it!


The pool, where everyone kept asking to go back to. (I’m not sure why. It doesn’t look fun at all. )*tee hee*


Our very first princess encounter.


>He got to be the Beast at Belle’s Enchanted something or other. He did a mighty fine R O A R R R if I do say so myself!


This huge awesome wall art was in the airport, but we did go to Universal Island’s of Adventure specifically to visit this. It was quite possibly the highlight of the trip.


Everything at Disney was extensive, exquisite, expensive, entertaining, exhausting, and at times even educational! It was a high cost, high stress, big fun vacation. Every smile was worth every penny saved (and spent).

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