This will be the new name of my Etsy store. I wanted something that reflected the products I make more accurately, but all of the things I came up with were already taken! This was close enough.

What do you think?

My girls and I are going to try our hand at making lip balm tonight, I believe. It will contain fresh bee’s wax (from Ohio farms!), pure cold pressed coconut oil, and vitamin E oil. That might just be it! I have not decided whether to include a tint or not. I do not have the supplies for that right now, anyways. So, we will start simply. I cannot wait to try it out! We will list it on Etsy for $3.99 a tube (maybe, still working on this part). I don’t think these little babies will need any flavoring, either! The coconut oil is very fragrant as are the beeswax bars. Look at that beeswax can’t you just smell the honey! I cannot wait to get these things put together and on our lips!

After we try them with vitamin E we may try our hand (after we’re experts!) with adding almond oil. I have many different oils to try out! So stay tuned!

beeswaxlip ingredients

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