I came across an ad today that was about “I am loved.” It’s from a jewelry store, Helzberg Diamonds. It got me to thinking today how much love surrounds me. Love that is mine for the taking. And what it all came down to was that love. I chose the kind of love that was all in. The one that allows me to be completely comfortable. That encourages that comfort. It makes me smile! It makes me grateful. Even after a few years of being together without more commitment than just being together. That we are still in that kind of love.

So today, I wanted to share some of that, in as few words as possible. It’s not a flashy look at me kind of love, but a just you and me love that some people only catch glimpses of. Because it can also become so readily available that it’s taken for granted. Noone wants that! And I never want him to feel that way. Messages from the heart that are found in my lunchbox, making our breakfast for our early morning trip to the airport Friday morning. Extra blankets in the morning when he gets out of bed, suitcases packed while I’m working. Just from the heart.




The most important way I know he loves me (and my children) is his willingness to help disciple little hearts toward God. Every afternoon and night possible, without being asked, prodded, reminded (wow!) — we read devotionals about how we can get to know God and who He is and what faith looks like. I wonder if he realizes how important and how BIG this is to me sometimes. I need to find a way to do that. Or quite possibly I just did. 😉

We have far to go to get where we need to be. Where we want to be. A test of patience is what we endure. And we know that it all comes from the greatest source of Love there has ever been!

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