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I just wanted to mention, I DO NOT make our laundry soap anymore.  After going through 3 washers and reading several articles, I learned that laundry soap differs from laundry detergent!

This morning I started out my day with my muffin in a bowl from Trim Healthy Mama and a diet coke. YUM! I can’t believe this stuff is good for you! The spring cleaning bug bit me soon after that, and I found myself cleaning outdoors and planting in one of the flower beds around the house spontaneously. I can’t wait for our herb garden to start growing. I just hope I can keep all the tiny creatures out of it.

We had been out of laundry powder probably about a week. For a family of 6 this is a huge deal. I probably don’t even have to tell you. We do laundry every day (when I’m on the ball, which is, uhm. Slightly irregular these days.) I was quite proud of the fact that the last time I remember making our massive batch of laundry detergent was back around Christmas time. I remember specifically because manfriends son was with us. Hard to believe it’s been nearly four months since he was herescents. Anyways, we were well overdue. So, last week I ordered our laundry making necessities through my link for They seemed to have the products cheapest this time around and I could get free shipping, cash back, and not stood in one single line to wait for checkout (unless you would like to account for the time I waited for our internet connection which invariably dies at checkout time. That’s a whole ‘nother story!)

Mix it

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Dry it

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You can BUY IT here!

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